What We Do

Crooked Russian Cam is composed of three main co-hosts (although some of our shows have other regular co-stars). Annie, Kit, and Maq specialize in discussing pop culture, yelling about our favorite things, and finding ways to make ourselves sound deep.

Starting in 2015 with an episode-by-episode recap of the 1986 cartoon Jem and the Holograms and quickly spiraling out of control into other projects, Crooked Russian Cam enjoys screaming, talking about good trash, and our array of various fictional girlfriends and boyfriends.

Meet the Hosts

hey there internet

hey there internet

annie craton

Height: 5’4”
Loves: Bad horror movies, sushi, RPGs, drawing, on-model action figures, petrichor, crushing your enemies, seeing them driven before you, hearing the lamentations of their women.
Hates: Liars, deceivers, potted plants.
Prized Possession: Collection of Awkward and/or Tortured Monster Alien Husbando statues (known as: “Garrus, Garruser, Garrest.”)
Voted Most Likely To: Know a random theme song from an 80s or 90s cartoon and sing it in an empty room
Deepest Secret: Can’t say “Mississippi” without spelling it internally.


kit walker

Height: Negligible
Loves: Robots, space, robots in space, glitter eyeshadow, The Shadow, girls with tattoos, lipstick that smells like chocolate, Teen Wolf
Hates: People who yell at waiters, epithets, 90% of all video games ever made, Teen Wolf
Prized Possession: Plush vulture, named “Rippy,” purchased at Louvre gift shop
Voted Most Likely To: Purchase a plush vulture at the Louvre gift shop and name it “Rippy”
Deepest Secret: Ran a loan sharking operation in high school.


maq weaver

Height: 5’9”
Loves: Riot, the smell of red Jell-o, romance novels, Tres Leches Cake, the Space Jam theme song, Willy Wonka/Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Hates: Chocolate chip cookies, ladybugs, the word “mewling,” James Joyce, people who say Jack the Ripper was the world’s first serial killer
Prized Possession: Kitchenaid Stand Mixer (YOU HAVE TO TAKE CARE OF IT.)
Voted Most Likely To: Bake Cookies at 4AM
Deepest Secret: Took six months to come up with a deep secret then forgot what it was.


Other Co-Stars


Vicki is Kit’s mom and a regular cast member of Jemjammer. She probably has a Facebook account but we’re not linking you.