Character designs by  Rio . Cover art by  CanaryWitch .

Character designs by Rio. Cover art by CanaryWitch.


An Actual Play podcast using 5th edition Dungeons & Dragons, except we’re gutting most of the D&D part and doing a homebrew Spelljammer campaign instead. What’s Spelljammer, you ask? Good question! It’s Dungeons & Dragons but in space with hippo men and penguin aliens and giant spiders with eels for heads. It’s great!

Every episode, Kit DMs an extremely dumb/extremely good space adventure for Annie (Jylliana the Tempest Cleric), Maq (Cacophony the Glamour Bard), and Kit’s mom, Vicki (Aelfgifu the Ranger).

The Cast


Eladrin, glamour bard, fabulous outfits

Cacophony is like a million feet tall and has huge boobs. She’s basically unstoppable. Changes her outfits frequently and spends a lot of time describing her clothes in intimate detail. Cacophony has adapted well to Wildspace, but then again, she’s pretty comfortable anywhere she goes (as long as she has friends, attention, and her viol). Once got eaten by a living rug. There’s rumors that “Cacophony” is a stage name, and she’s strangely cagey about being seen before she’s got her outfit fully assembled, but nobody outside of her closest circle of friends is talking.

Played by Maq Weaver.

‘Wait! I haven’t described my outfit!”

‘Wait! I haven’t described my outfit!”


Aasimar, tempest cleric, very tired

Jylliana comes from a small convent dedicated to a storm goddess called Ethla. She wields a warhammer in battle and has been known to shoot lightning at people, but she spends more of her time generally exhausted by Wildspace. The infinite vastness of space will do that to you. Jyll is quick to trust and eager to help out, but has trouble easing herself into anything more than general acquaintanceship. She’s terrified of spiders, which, considering her first exposure to WIldspace involved the Neogi—a race of giant spider-men with eel heads—is maybe not particularly useful. Jylliana has been having some trouble dealing with the ways religion, divine magic, and Wildspace interact lately, and that’s probably not going to improve anytime soon.

Played by Annie Craton.

“Ethla knows that we are weak, and yet she asks for strength.”

“Ethla knows that we are weak, and yet she asks for strength.”

“Oh! Oh, god, I’m injured! I’m dying! I’ve taken four damage!”

“Oh! Oh, god, I’m injured! I’m dying! I’ve taken four damage!”


human, ranger, it’s pronounced “alV-Yee-vah”

Having grown up in the woods outside Stormhaven for most of her life, Aelfgifu has a lot of doubts about crowds, civilization, and interpersonal relationships. She’s been getting used to the company of Cacophony and Jylliana, though she finds them bewildering at times. Wildspace has given Aelfgifu a chance to live up to her late parental figure’s final request—for her to see the world—in a much bigger way than he probably ever intended. Normally content to sit quietly in the background, Aelfgifu races to the forefront in any battle, wielding twin swords and a deadly longbow. She’s discovered a certain knack for violence, which her more squishy companions are only too happy to encourage. Aelfgifu has begun to suspect that she has a far deeper connection to Wildspace than she ever knew, but the exact nature of that connection remains to be seen.

Played by Vicki Charron.

Kit Walker

Dungeon master, every other character, are you sure you wanna do that?

Kit runs the game, develops the story, plays everyone who has to deal with Maq, Annie, and Vicki, and is an omnipresent menace to Wildspace in general. She puts up with a lot, frankly.

Played by… look, are you going to make me say it

What is Spelljammer?

Spelljammer is a setting for Dungeons & Dragons originally released in 1989. It’s sci-fi/fantasy at its weirdest.

Jemjammer uses a combination of homebrew rules developed by Kit and actual rules released in bits and pieces by Wizards of the Coast.