Jemjammer Cast Changes

Hi folks,

Due to some ongoing health concerns and scheduling issues, Vicki needs to step away from participating in Jemjammer. Don’t worry! It isn’t anything life-threatening, she sends everyone her love, and she’s with us in spir—wait no not that one

Ælfgifu’s story isn’t over, though. The character will continue to be part of the show, and we’ll have more news to share on that in the coming week.


Annie, Kit, and Maq

JEMJAMMER - Episode 22 - The Spicy Tuba

Our heroes fight some pirates and finally ask why the tavern is called "The Spicy Tuba."

HOUSEKEEPING NOTE: Vicki’s availability for recording sessions during the summer is tentative at best, so she’ll be absent for a number of episodes for the next little while. In this episode, the role of Ælfgifu will be played by Kit.

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